Australia Cars

Import Right Hand Drive Cars to Australia with Western Auto

At Western Auto RHD, our aim is to deliver superior Right Hand Drive vehicles and spare parts to our valued customers in Australia. We have a comprehensive range of new and used cars (Right Hand Drive Vehicles ONLY!) from all over the world to cater to the diverse needs of our clientele.

In a short period, Western Auto has emerged as the leading supplier of cars and auto spare parts from distant locations including India, Africa, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka etc. A major part of our export business comes from sending cars to Australian. In fact, our solutions for the Australian market, because of their distinctive excellence quality, transparency and customer care are extremely popular.

Western Auto with its localized branches and partner networks, emphasize customer convenience and comfort for import/sales of cars in Australia. The demand for cars in Australian presents us with an obvious business opportunity, which we wish to expand to our partners.

To learn more about our collaboration with Australian auto dealers and suppliers, and how we can help you procure an Australian made car in the UAE contact us or call: +971-4-3338586/3338486 or email at for further details.

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