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Drive Smart: Drive with Japanese Right Hand DriveCars!

The market leader in automobiles and vehicle parts, Western Auto is one of the largest automobile trading groups in the UAE. We feature a comprehensive inventory of robust and environment friendly cars of all makings from different manufacturers worldwide. We specialize in import and export of Right Hand Drive (RHD) vehicles and our core objective is to serve our customers with the best possible cars from around the world.

Due to a broad range of Japanese cars in our showrooms, we are often referred to as the leading Japanese car importer. We export and import RHD Japanese cars that are fashionable and convenient to handle, and are extremely popular in the markets we serve.

In the business of importing Japanese cars, Dubai has emerged as the central hub for all kinds of transportation services. Japanese car importers, such as Western Auto, ship and export RHD cars all over the Middle East, South Asia and Africa from export compounds established in Dubai:

Our import/export operations are helped by trade-supportive Dubai policies, including:

  • Duty Free import of personal vehicle.
  • Massive trade opportunities for used Japanese cars. No or minimum restrictions on trade.
  • On all imported cars, vehicle registration tax (VRT) has been levied.
  • Elimination of complicated taxation procedure.

All of the amenities and policies have helped us become one of the leading suppliers of Japanese car in the region. To learn more about our business, or how we can leverage our solutions to help you, contact us or call: +971-4-3338586/3338486 or email at

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